What people say about us

I engaged a member of the LCoP team as a research supervisor for research submitted as part of the BPS Qualification in Counselling Psychology (QCop). I can say without hesitation that he was absolutely brilliant from start to finish. I was very unconfident about the whole idea of doing research, and my LCoP supervisor provided exactly the right mixture of support and challenge throughout. He challenged me to think deeply and rigorously about what I wanted to do; and supported me in a way which gave me confidence in my ability to do it. He helped me to think reflexively about the research process, my own motivations, understandings and responses to what was at times difficult subject matter. He was flexible and encouraging, offering 1-1 and skype sessions as well as thorough and incisive written feedback. His knowledge of methodology was first class and he helped me take my writing up a level. The research passed with distinction and I have no doubt that I have LCoP to thank for this – and at a very reasonable rate. Thank you!
JG, 2019

I used LCoP for a mock viva a few weeks before the real thing and am so pleased I did. It helped me see how I was focusing on the wrong areas in terms of the viva and sharpened my attention to values and ethics. It’s so important to practice talking about the portfolio and the mock I had challenged me to present strong rationales for each piece of work. Really worth the money!
CO, 2017

I used the services of London Counselling Psychologists while I was doing my Doctorate in Counselling Psychology and I highly recommend the service to other trainees. I sought their advice while I was doing my case studies, process reports, research, and for a mock viva. LCoP provided me with excellent feedback on the structure and format of my literature review and gave me a very helpful critique of the work that I had done. I found the feedback detailed, direct and relevant, and it was of immense value in that it helped me to focus on the key issues in my doctoral thesis. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with LCoP; it provided me with an excellent service, and I would recommend LCoP without reserve or hesitation.
TAS, 2017

I just wanted to let you know I passed with minor corrections. I’m so happy and relieved! The mock was so helpful and I really thought about your feedback and was able to present a much more convincing argument for my work in the real deal. So thank you so much.
TE, 2017

I had a mock viva with LCoP a few weeks before my real viva. It was a challenging yet fantastic experience, which I believe is great value for money. Throughout the PsychD course, in prepartion for my portfolio and thesis, I was always told to “look for the blind spots”. This is hard to do on your own and LCoP were able to help me with this by reading my portfolio beforehand and challenging me about such blindspots during the mock viva. I was also given great feedback that allowed me to think deeply about points that I have previously never considered. Had I not had this experience, I would have not been prepared for the real viva, especially when thinking about what not to do when feeling under pressure. LCoP really aided me to not only do well in my viva but also to enjoy the viva experience, which I feel not many people can say. Thank you LCoP!
PT, 2016

Excellent service, LCoP provide expertise in research supervision and therapeutic endeavours. My LCoP supervisor provided me with the support I needed to successfully complete my doctoral training as a counselling psychologist. I found the whole supervision process and support in getting to viva very therapeutic: highly recommended.
OS, 2015

I feel like my thesis has been saved by London CoPs! They gave me incredibly prompt and useful feedback on each of my thesis chapters for a very reasonable rate. The feedback I received was through tracked changes and it was always thorough, easy to understand and my marker clearly knew their stuff. It made me feel confident to hand my thesis in and when London CoPs gave me a mock viva, I was helped to think more deeply about my research. Questions were asked in a Socratic way, helping me to make my own connections which really helped me to feel more prepared when it came to the real viva. If this service hadn’t been here, the whole process would have been a lot more stressful. Thank you London CoPs!
LRS, 2014

Being so immersed in my doctoral thesis meant that I had lost sight of the bigger picture. Having used the service provided by the London Counselling Psychologists, I was able to gain different perspectives that were useful for both my thesis and eventual viva. I would recommend the London Counselling Psychologists to those in all stages of their counselling psychology journey for help that is reliable, thorough, and informative.
ME, 2014

A really useful, flexible and swift service. I wanted to discuss my research proposal with someone, and I found my LCoP supervisor to be engaging and a great person to bounce ideas off! The supervisor also helped me to critically reflect on the direction I wanted my research to go in, and gave very informative feedback. I feel that I have a clearer sense of what I’m doing and I hope to continue using the service as my thesis/research progresses.
TJ, 2014

I have been more than satisfied with the service provided by London Counselling Psychologists. My LCoP supervisor was very professional and polite while conducting the proof-reading for my thesis. The feedback received was very helpful and I feel much more confident knowing that someone else has read the report and has offered some different suggestions from a counselling psychologist perspective. I was also very appreciative of the regular communication between myself and LCoP as thesis writing can be such a stressful time and it was reassuring to be dealing with such an efficient service. Many thanks.
TG, 2013

My LCoP supervisor was fantastic at being able to provide a safe and open place for me to talk […] I always felt comfortable to bring my uncertainties and sense of stuck-ness to supervision, feeling safe to get things wrong at times. I was also grateful for her thought-provoking questions that often opened up new and more creative ways of thinking/
LD, 2013

LCoP was a fantastic help in providing an external supervisor with my doctoral research. My LCoP supervisor really challenged me to think more deeply about relevant issues that I hadn’t thought of, both in our meetings and in written comments on my work. Really approachable and friendly, very interested in my study and clearly having relevant expertise, their input meant that I felt supported and guided when I needed it but also challenged to make sure my research said something new and meaningful. I was reasonably confident as a student researcher before I came to LCoP, but it’s easy to underestimate how much a doctoral study takes you into completely uncharted territory. My LCoP supervisor gave me the confidence each step of the way to be creative and to trust that I was on the right track. I would highly recommend them for supervision.
AW, 2013