How to fail your psychodynamic case report

In my current and previous course team roles, I’ve been responsible for courses that attempt to teach psychoanalytic theory to trainee counselling psychologists. The usual means of assessing this is the case report, where the trainee writes up a piece of work where they have attempted to intervene psychoanalytically, or sometimes, a piece of workContinue reading “How to fail your psychodynamic case report”

Bending the rules: the secrets I rarely confess

or Ruling the bends: authorising ourselves to practice In this post, guest writer Emily Brookes, and Dr Russel Ayling discuss Emily’s experience of ‘bending the rules’, and Russel’s re-thinking of this idea: understanding our bentness, perhaps, or rather, ‘ruling our bends’.  The more I have talked to my psychology friends the more I have comeContinue reading “Bending the rules: the secrets I rarely confess”

What’s your position in the transference?

In my own psychoanalytic training, this is a question that’s often been asked of me.  Psychoanalysts believe that transference is when the patient acts towards someone – often the therapist – as if they were a figure in the patient’s past.   So, when a patient feels unloved, criticised, intruded upon or neglected, we might askContinue reading “What’s your position in the transference?”