No eating near the portfolios! Handing in the baby

Our guest writer, Emily Brookes, is a soon-to-be-vivaed final year trainee counselling psychologist. Do feel free to check out our website for details of our clinical supervision register and our research support services! My proof reader really has done an excellent job. She’s changed things I wouldn’t even have thought of and as I read throughContinue reading “No eating near the portfolios! Handing in the baby”

Letting go of ‘letting go’

I was reading a book on the train this morning about Kleinian psychotherapy*. The book contains case studies by various Kleinian psychotherapists and in this particular case I was reading, one therapist wrote that her patient’s way of being ‘was not something he was about to give up’.   I frequently come across terms likeContinue reading “Letting go of ‘letting go’”