Call for participants – qualified therapists

Marta Chromekova is undertaking a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology at the University of Roehampton. She would like to invite qualified therapists to help with her research: THERAPIST’S EXPERIENCES OF WORKING WITH MALE CLIENTS WITH HISTORY OF CHILDHOOD SEXUAL ABUSE – IMPLICATIONS FOR COUNSELLING PSYCHOLOGY PRACTICE: INTERPRETATIVE PHENOMENOLOGICAL ANALYSIS This research is interested in exploring therapists’ experiences ofContinue reading “Call for participants – qualified therapists”

Autogynephilia: Aroused by the Image of Yourself as the Opposite Sex

Sex and gender are topics that trainees often complain are insufficiently taught on counselling psychology programmes.  One remedy for this is to read widely – and first person accounts are a great way of doing this.  In this blog post, Joseph Burgo investigates a phenomenon where individuals take themselves as a particular gendered person, asContinue reading “Autogynephilia: Aroused by the Image of Yourself as the Opposite Sex”