“Stay on the f***ing bus!”

“Stay on the fucking bus!”: Persisting with your doctoral research. In 2004, American-Finnish photographer, Arno Minkkinen, gave a graduation speech in which he outlined his theory on the difference between success and failure in one’s career. This difference, he claimed, lay in the operation of Helsinki Bus Station*. He called this theory…….The Helsinki Bus Station Theory.Continue reading ““Stay on the f***ing bus!””

Criticality is critical in your literature review

Examine carefully the behaviour of these people: Find it surprising though not unusual Inexplicable though normal Incomprehensible though it is the rule. Consider even the most insignificant, seemingly simple Action with distrust. Ask yourself whether it is necessary Especially if it is usual. We ask you expressly to discover That what happens all the timeContinue reading “Criticality is critical in your literature review”

How to fail your psychodynamic case report

In my current and previous course team roles, I’ve been responsible for courses that attempt to teach psychoanalytic theory to trainee counselling psychologists. The usual means of assessing this is the case report, where the trainee writes up a piece of work where they have attempted to intervene psychoanalytically, or sometimes, a piece of workContinue reading “How to fail your psychodynamic case report”

Autonomy, change and imagination in a brave new world

In this blog post, trainee counselling psychologist Anastasios Argyropoulos reflects on Paul Verhaeghe’s article ‘Neoliberalism has brought out the worst in us’.   In one of his articles in the Guardian, Paul Verhaeghe shared views that are eloquently elaborated in his book What about Me? The Struggle for Identity in a Market-based Society. He invited usContinue reading “Autonomy, change and imagination in a brave new world”

Bending the rules: the secrets I rarely confess

or Ruling the bends: authorising ourselves to practice In this post, guest writer Emily Brookes, and Dr Russel Ayling discuss Emily’s experience of ‘bending the rules’, and Russel’s re-thinking of this idea: understanding our bentness, perhaps, or rather, ‘ruling our bends’.  The more I have talked to my psychology friends the more I have comeContinue reading “Bending the rules: the secrets I rarely confess”

What do Counselling Psychologists do?

As Russel Ayling published his blog post on branding last week I was experiencing some of the issues he speaks about in situ. I was trying to explain to a friend newly embarking on her clinical training what it is that counselling psychologists actually do. The conversation had come about when she told me thatContinue reading “What do Counselling Psychologists do?”

Mazes and labyrinths as archetypes of humanity

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? ? Why are we still a-maze-d by labyrinths? With a diverse range of permutations, the Maze is a symbol that has been with humanity since the pre-historic era. So pervasive is the labyrinth within human symbolic communication, it is impossible to think of a human era where it was…