Call for participants – qualified counselling psychologists

Anastasios Argyropoulos is undertaking a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology at the University of Roehampton. He would like to invite qualified counselling psychologists to help with this research:

How do counselling psychologists construct, negotiate, and position their subjectivity in the way they engage with research?

This research is interested to elucidate factors that might be shaping the research landscape in the field of counselling psychology in our times.

The study seeks to:

  • To critically unpack and examine how certain discourses produce counselling psychology’s research positions
  • To explore how CoP’s situate their knowledges and construct their subjectivities via research engagement.
  • To identify possible links between research findings on research engagement and the dominant discourses in counselling psychology.
  • To use the research findings and allow interpretations that may be of value in understanding what facilitates, prohibits or shapes counselling psychologists’ style of research engagement, access to research and motivation for research.
  • Contribute to understanding of how political, economic and socio-cultural trends and attitudes may inform pedagogical principles and practices underlying research engagement.

This research aims to recruit 8-10 qualified counselling psychologists trained in at least two therapeutic modalities, and who have engaged with at least at doctoral-level research.

Participation in this research will involve the completion of a short demographic questionnaire and a semi-structured interview lasting approximately 60 minutes.

This research has been approved under the procedures of the University of Roehampton’s Ethics Committee and is being supervised by Dr Anastasios Gaitanidis and Dr Jane Hunt.

Your participation will be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in participating please contact the researcher, Anastasios Argyropoulos:

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